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Hidden Gems: Overlooked Tax Incentives That Win

State-by-State Production Incentives Roundup 2022  

The Cherokee Nation’s New Film Rebate Incentive Bolsters Tribe, Sweetens OK Incentive

New Mexico Production Film Incentives Flood State With Cash

The Definitive Guide to New Mexico’s Film Tax Incentive

Ask an Incentives Expert

Also check out our August 2019 guest spot on the New Mexico Film Office podcast, NMFO Filmcast – featuring our own Ryan Broussard.

Former Ambassador Colleen Bell Named New Head of California Film Commission

Applications Open for New Jersey Incentives Program

CA Film Incentive Kindles $6B Spend Over 3 Years

Southern Producers Lab Rewards 13 Emerging Filmmakers

L.A. Sees More Production Days as Incentive Program Hits Full Stride

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