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Residuals have been around since 1953. A lot’s changed since then.

Whatever the size of your title library, it’s essential to pay your film and TV residuals on time and per the applicable reuse formulas, to remain in good standing with the guilds. We process residuals for some of the top TV networks, studios and streamers in the world. The key to our success? Flexibility.

Say When

You decide when to cut residual checks.

Why should your residuals service decide when you make your residual payments to talent? We provide estimates of your run in advance… and only pull the trigger when you say go. This not only gives you the rightful power to time your payments as you need, but also saves you vast amounts on reprint charges. Our transparent pricing means you’ll never be charged a hidden fee for estimates.

Future-Looking Residual Formulas

Streaming, Streamlined.

SVOD, Electronic Sell-Through, Download To Rent, Ad-Supported Streaming… audiences consume content in all different ways today. And guild residuals agreements have evolved to match. SAG-AFTRA, DGA and WGA all have complex contractual formulas for calculating talent reuse payments on the platforms of the modern landscape.

We’ve developed our residuals payment system to adapt along with talent agreements, making us a leading residuals payment provider for both original streamed content and reuse on streaming channels.

A film and TV residuals specialist reviews residual paychecks for SAG-AFTRA

The flexibility of a system built from the ground up by residuals experts, with decades of studio-level reporting experience.

Re-Use Payment Technology

Even the oldest titles deserve the newest tech.

Whether you need to pay on Gomer Pyle or Black Mirror, you want a residuals payment service with seamless reuse formula calculations and detailed residuals reporting. Media Services residuals clients enjoy the flexibility of a system built from the ground up by residuals experts, with decades of studio-level reporting experience.

Our state-of-the-art system provides deep level reporting such as talent detail, series reports, inception and date payment details. And with our Residuals Portal, you get 24/7 access to your invoice history.

Residuals Expertise

Residuals understanding drawn from decades of studio experience.

The backbone of our residuals calculation and payment process is our team of top industry experts. Over our years of experience paying residuals and profit participations on thousands of movie and TV titles for studios, distributors and producers, we have built a core group of dedicated individuals with unparalleled experience.

From the design of our software systems to walking you through made-for-market and sell-to market residual formulas, we pass this expertise on to you.