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Client Supplies

Client Supplies Request

Use the CLIENT SUPPLIES REQUEST FORM to request physical payroll supplies such as timecards, start forms, WTPA notices and check stock for on-location paycheck printing.

State-Specific Notices/Forms:

Please utilize the important forms below if they apply to your production.
Find all state withholding forms here.

The 2020 Federal W-4 made it impossible to align state tax withholding with federal. Therefore, Media Services will need to withhold and remit each crew member’s state taxes at the highest rates, unless we receive a state-specific withholding certificate from the individual. You can find all state tax withholding forms here. Your crew members can also access these directly via their Crew Portal.

* Please note that you must have a signed Payroll Services Agreement on file with us before submitting any timecards back to us.