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Production Payroll

Entertainment Payroll Services for the Modern Production.

Film, TV, web and commercial content producers leverage the most advanced technology to put images to screen. Your production payroll service should meet that same high standard.

Reduce your liability and overhead, with an employer-of-record entertainment payroll service that streamlines your whole paying process. Automated crew onboarding, time entry and invoicing are just icing on the cake of our 40+ years of Media-responsive payroll service and support. CALCULATE PAYROLL COSTS

Employer-of-Record Payroll for Productions

Pay, the right way.

Whether you make film, TV, commercial or web content, chances are you didn’t get into it for the love of paperwork. We clear major production payroll compliance and liability hurdles for your show, so you can focus on what you do best: produce.

As your employer-of-record entertainment payroll provider, here’s what we take on for your production:
- Prompt payroll, by check or ACH deposit
- All payroll tax withholdings, filings and W2s
- Paperless payroll options with data security
- Workers’ comp coverage and claims for crew and cast

With increased scrutiny on the misclassification of film crew workers as 1099 independent contractors, you can’t afford to pay your crew without a trusted entertainment payroll provider. Whether you need payroll for an indie film, TV series, web content or esports, let us show you what we can do.

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Production-Focused Payroll Service

We put ourselves in your shoes, then go the extra mile in them.

There’s nothing more frustrating than working with a production payroll service that doesn’t get what you do. Our core of entertainment payroll experts draw on the knowledge and experience we’ve built over five decades as an elite production accounting firm. Before we had payroll clients, we were the payroll clients.

That’s why we still do the little things, like pick up the phone when you call. Whether your payroll budget is $50,000 or $50 million, expect dedicated and responsive payroll experts guiding you through the process and delivering your crew pay on time, every time. Get started with no setup fees.

Camera operator paid by Media Services Payroll looks at an image on production

We clear major payroll hurdles for your show, so you can focus on what you do best: produce.

Nimble Pay Technology

We hear you.

We listen to our production clients, taking in all requests and developing features and payroll reports that are secure, sensible and easy to understand. Our software support team is always at the ready, eager to hear from you and deliver solutions that power your production to greater efficiency.

Whether it’s our user-friendly MediaWeb Production Accounting Software or any of the other digital pay tools we provide with our core entertainment payroll service, the power of our systems is flexibility. We welcome your wish list.

Top Grade Payroll Security

SOC 1 Compliant. Seriously Secure.

Safeguarding your production payroll data is a sacred mission to us. While we present your data to you in the form of flexible cost reporting and powerful payroll integrations, our top priority is securing it at all times. That’s why we have put military grade digital safeguards in place in every area of our business, and obtain annual SOC-1 reports from a top-20 auditor.