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Crew Health Benefits

ACA-compliant healthcare for your entire crew and cast.

Health benefits for freelance film crews are becoming more of a norm, so it’s a real consideration for any competitive production house. As the Affordable Care Act created requirements around eligibility and tracking for larger employers, production companies had to work even harder to stay compliant.

Our production payroll clients have access to a variety of health benefits plans for crew members, via our third-party consultants. Even smaller production companies, not beholden to ACA compliance, can take advantage of the tools and offerings. Let us put you in touch with a health benefits consultant for your production crew today.

Crew Benefit Offerings

Premiere health plans that won’t break the bank.

It’s not only cost, but also quality of care that matters to your production crew. Due to our high volume and longstanding relationships, we are able to bring you both via a third-party provider. Let us put you in touch, to see what crew benefit plans might be best for your production.

Affordable Care Act for Productions

Keeping production companies ACA-compliant since day one.

We’ve been at this since the beginning. When the Affordable Care Act went into effect, production companies had the challenge of determining their employer size, based on a revolving number of short term crew workers. We were ready, with a large-employer threshold calculator.

Today we continue to help production companies by connecting our production payroll clients to top consultants in crew benefit offerings – they can also track crew member eligibility and automatically notify them of enrollment periods.

Track eligibility and provide robust health benefits for your production crew.

Healthcare Videos for Production

Brush up on your production benefits basics.

Premiums? Plan types? Health savings accounts? For film crew members and productions alike, these quick primers can be just what the doctor ordered.

Understanding Health Insurance - Premiums, Deductibles, Copays and Out Of Pocket Maximums:

Understanding Medical Plan Types - HMOs, PPOs and HDHPs:

Understanding Savings Accounts - Everything You Need To Know About HSAs:

Understanding Savings Accounts - Everything You Need To Know About Dependent Care FSAs:

ACA Tracking for Production

Yep, there's tracking for that.

For production companies with short-term crew workers and natural turnover, the full-time employee calculation for the Affordable Care Act can be tricky. Combined freelancers’ hours can add up to “full-time employees” in the eyes of the ACA, even if none of your production crew is long-term. We’ll connect you with consultants that can tell you if you hit Large Employer status, and also track eligibility and notify your crew when they can enroll in benefits you choose to offer. Your relationship with Media Services for production payroll gets you an easy introduction and the best pricing.