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Digital Purchase Order (DPO)

DPO IS The gold standard in purchase orders for the entertainment industry.

Digital Purchase Order (DPO) remains the go-to name in POs for film, TV and other media productions. This fully cloud-based procurement system was designed specifically for the entertainment industry, so we are proud to recommend it to our production payroll clients.

While traditional purchase orders on production require reams of paper PO packets, signed out and tracked with separate systems and redundant email communications, DPO streamlines the entire purchasing workflow. The Digital Purchase Order process is available 24/7 online as well as on the mobile app, allowing you to track production spend from anywhere.

Additionally, the DPO interface is highly customizable, with detailed reporting configurations available for production accountants. Accountants can set up parameters for users as well as a robust set of search tools to comb through purchase orders and make sense of spending – great for department heads and controllers too.

5 Things DPO can do for the production office

  • Create, view and approve purchase orders 24/7
  • Eliminate paper circulation and supporting emails
  • Work across platforms and via a mobile app
  • Sync your digital POs with Showbiz Budgeting
  • Provide multiple languages and currency

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