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Film Tax Incentives

Wherever film incentives take you, we’ll be there.

Finding the best production incentive for your film, TV, web or commercial project can mean millions in net savings for your budget. Our film tax incentives experts are here to help you find the most lucrative state incentive program for your production, based on production type, budget, local hires, and how much of the state’s film incentive money is still available.

Our film incentives advisors can even help you tag your budget for qualifying expenses, and give you priceless insights into each state’s incentive application process. Get in touch to see how we can help.

Film Tax Incentives Map

Location, location, incentive.

Film offices around the country are vying for your production dollars, with some of the richest film tax incentives ever seen. Learn where to get the best bang for your incentive buck, with our comprehensive U.S. Film Tax Incentives Map. Drill down to get in-depth detail on each state’s program: rebate, tax credit, bonuses, production type qualification, and more.

Map USA colored by state for production incentives
U.S. Film Tax Incentives Map

Film Incentives Legislation

Like having your own Hollywood insider in each state.

We’re on top of state film incentives legislation. Whether it’s in committee, on the floor or waiting to be signed by the governor, we’ve got the lowdown. Our relationships with film offices throughout the U.S. give us a unique perspective on the nuts and bolts of each piece of legislation affecting state film incentives. And we’re always happy to share the knowledge, free of charge.

Reality and documentary producers, grab our Incentives Guide for Nonfiction Production to find which U.S. state has the best unscripted perks.

A map for U.S. film tax incentives

Our film incentives advisors can give you priceless insights into each state’s application process.

Production Incentives Glossary

What is the meaning of this?!

What’s the difference between a rebate and a film tax credit? Transferable vs. refundable tax credits? We break it all down in our production incentives glossary, so you’re equipped to compare and contrast production incentives in various cities and states, and choose / budget accordingly. Once you get the lingo down, talk to us to help you determine the best production incentive for you.

Become a film tax incentive expert by studying our handy incentives glossary

Film Incentives Calculator

How much will you really get back?

Since all state film incentives are different, they can be hard to compare on an apples-to-apples basis. That’s why we created the payroll industry’s first Automated Incentives Wizard, which allows you to calculate your film tax incentive dollars based on spend per category, including any applicable bonuses. Try it out on various film incentive states, to see how big the return to your production can be!

Example production incentives estimate