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Showbiz Budgeting 9

The most versatile film budgeting software on the market, Showbiz Budgeting allows you to actualize your film budget at the detail level, and display your actuals in column format alongside the original.


The most flexible film budgeting software for features, TV, commercials and web projects.

Showbiz Budgeting allows production accountants, production managers and independent producers to create all types of budgets for feature film, TV, commercial, music video, web series and corporate video projects. But it’s not just a simple film budgeting program. Unlike other production budgeting products on the market, this one actualizes, so you can see exactly what you’ve spent and how it affects your overall commercial, TV or film budget.

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Showbiz Budgeting – Overview for Commercials with AICP Template

Built-in tools allow you to track purchase orders, petty cash envelopes, payroll and more elements that impact your film budget. When production is complete, Showbiz Budgeting stays with you, delivering the production reports you need to make your wrap package look sharp. This is the first and last film budgeting program you’ll ever need.

Includes the most versatile set of budget templates ANYWHERE: Dozens of studio feature film and TV budget formats including Universal, Sony, Paramount, and more. Plus AICP and AICE forms for commercials, indie feature film budget templates, reality TV, corporate video, live event, documentary, live theater and even still photography budgets.

  • Support for MacOS 10.15.1 Catalina, as well as Mac OS Dark Mode.
  • Includes the new AICP 2019 Integrated Bid Form
  • Applied Credits can be effectively managed from Summary page, allowing you to enter and automatically calculate credits from multiple production incentive programs simultaneously.
  • New “My Reports” feature. Allows saving frequently used report settings for re-use.
  • Accounts on the Budget Tab can now be easily repositioned.
  • Macros for Title Grids now available (date, time, filename etc).
  • Total, Included and Excluded columns now available in SubGroups manager.
  • Handy ‘Where Used’ button in SubGroups manager.
  • Chart of Accounts now offers option to hide inactive accounts.
  • New CSV export option for Budgets and Vendor Database.
  • Can now import expenses from PEX™ purchase cards.
  • Globals can now be used in Formula values, as well as inserted in to Account names and Summary text by enclosing in brackets, e.g. [MU]
  • Percentage values can now be entered in Accumulator columns.
Fringes, Globals, Sub-groups

These time-saving film budgeting tools are made simple with Showbiz Budgeting. Just point and click to make lightning-fast adjustments to your entire commercial or film budget on the fly.


Allows a budget to be split up into distinct segments for different budget scenarios. You can have multi-city or multi-country budget comparisons for your film or TV show. Great for incentives.


Each film budget contains actuals as well as estimates, making it easy to see how your final costs compare to your original estimates.

Purchase Order System

Keep track of your production POs during and after filming with the Purchase Order System. As actual production cost items are entered, Showbiz Budgeting tallies the charges against each PO, which can be printed or emailed to your vendor throughout the course of making your film, or throughout the year for commercials.

Petty Cash System

The Petty Cash system helps you keep track of petty cash envelopes and all PC expenses during production. You can record cash transfers to and from the bank, or between envelopes. Running subtotals for each line number are always visible, and PC expenses are instantly plugged into the actual.

Detail Items

You can enter unlimited individual production cost items from your film on each line. Detail can be entered for the estimated side or actual side. Actual details record whether the charge is a check, credit card, invoice, timecard or petty cash.


All reports can easily be made into a PDF. In addition to printing your film’s Budget Summary, Accounts and Details, Showbiz Budgeting can print detailed reports including: Production Cost Reports and Calendars, Petty Cash Reports, Petty Cash Envelopes, Purchase Order Logs and more.


You can import film budgets from Movie Magic Budgeting, as well as actuals from Point Zero and Powerbid. Also import a payroll file, or import your film and TV timecard files directly from Showbiz Timecards.

Operating System:

Requires an Intel Mac running Yosemite or higher (including OS Big Sur and OS Monterey), or PC running Windows 7 or higher. Compatible with Apple M1.


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Getting Started

Video Tutorial

Showbiz Budgeting 9

Video Tutorial

Showbiz Budgeting 9

Video Tutorial

Showbiz Budgeting 9

Video Tutorial

Showbiz Budgeting 9

Video Tutorial

Showbiz Budgeting 9

Video Tutorial

Showbiz Budgeting 9

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How To Install Showbiz Budgeting

NOTE: This product offers a free full trial /demo. It is not necessary to re-install the program once you purchase. See “Registering and Activating” below.

For additional assistance with installing this program, please watch our video tutorials.

Windows Instructions

1. Click the “WIN DEMO” link to download the file.

NOTE: Saving to your desktop is the easiest way to find the file. Windows may save the file to Documents or Downloads.

2. On your desktop (or wherever you saved), double-click “Showbiz_Budgeting_XXX_Win.exe” file and follow the on-screen installation instructions.

3. Once installed, double-click on the Showbiz Budgeting icon on your desktop to open the program

NOTE: An alternate way to open the program is by clicking Start > All Programs (or Search programs and files) > Showbiz Software > Showbiz Budgeting.

4. This product will requires activation. Please see “Registering and Activating” section below.

Mac OSX Instructions

1. Click on the “MAC DEMO” link and download the file. By default, downloaded files save to your Download folder (Users\Downloads).

2. After downloading, the program will try and automount to your desktop and open an installer window. If it does not, look in your Downloads folder (or wherever you saved) and double-click the file, “Showbiz_Budgeting_XXX_MAC.dmg

3. Follow the on-screen instructions and drag the Showbiz Budgeting XXX folder 
to Applications.

4. In that folder look for the “Showbiz Budgeting” application, double click to initialize the program and start.

OPTION: for easier access, drag the Showbiz Budgeting.app file to your Dock. 
You can also use Launchpad (10.7 or higher) or Spotlight to find the Showbiz Budgeting.app file.

5. This product will requires activation. Please see “Registering and Activating” section below.

Important Upgrade information:

If you are upgrading from a pre 9.0 version:
This package contains new blank Templates.They are stored in a folder named Master Templates 9.0. All previous forms are included as well as several new ones. Note that the first time the File/New command is used, it may still default to the old Master Templates 8.0 folder. Simply navigate to the new Master Templates 9.0 folder (stored in Applications / Showbiz Budgeting 9). You may wish to move the Master Templates 8.0 folder to another location on your computer to avoid confusion.

If you are upgrading from version 9.0 or above:
If you have saved any customized Templates under their original names in the Master Templates 9.0 folder, they will be overwritten. Be sure to remove or rename them before installing.

Quick start

The quickest way to become acquainted with Showbiz Budgeting is to open a demo budget. Choose File/Open from the menu, and select either Demo Commercial or Demo Feature from the Budgets folder.

Backing Up Your Data

In the interests of “safe computing,” it’s always a good idea to backup your data files to protect them from random corruption or accidental deletion. We strongly recommend an external backup solution. However, simply copying your budget files to another drive after you’ve completed your latest changes should suffice.

Registering and Activating

Start the application and the register window should appear. If you see a “Proof of Purchase” field, copy and paste your “Proof Of Purchase” code and click “Submit.” In a few seconds, your software will be unlocked. (You must have a working Internet connection for this to work).

NOTE: your “Proof of Purchase” is sent to you with your online purchase. Contact Showbiz Support if you cannot find your code.

Everyone who has purchased Showbiz Budgeting has a Proof Of Purchase number. Just ask us if you lost or don’t know your number!

If there is no “Proof of Purchase” field visible, and instead you see an “Unlock Code” field, please contact Showbiz Support by phone at 703-350-8620 9AM-6PM ET Monday-Friday or email us at the address below.

If you have any issues installing or questions, please feel free to contact us!

Showbiz Support

If you are having trouble with installation of this product, please visit: 
Showbiz Software Support