Showbiz PO Log

A free Purchase Order system for creating POs out in the field, so you can upload them into your budget.

Showbiz PO Log


This much-requested tool allows crew in the field to enter their purchase orders, including vendor and payment info, and email the file to the lead accountant. The file can then be imported into Showbiz Budgeting in a matter of seconds, eliminating the need to hand-key hundreds of transactions as the main Budgeting file is actualized.

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Showbiz PO Log is a standalone version of the PO module from Showbiz Budgeting & Actualization.

For anyone who needs to work with Purchase Orders, have them download a free copy of PO Log. When they’re ready, they just send you the file and you can upload it right into your Showbiz Budgeting & Actualization budget file!



Operating system:
Requires an Intel Mac running OSX 10.6 or higher, Windows XP or higher.