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The connective production management platform that serves all kinds of productions and integrates with Showbiz Budgeting.

Crew Updates

Yamdu allows you to push crew updates to the whole production using the announcements tool… helping to ensure important news and updates do not get missed.


Assign trackable tasks to departments, crew members, and/or yourself. Yamdu warns you and provides convenient status, sorting ability and follow-up.

Cloud Data Management

Imagine there is one single spot for all your files, accessible from anywhere, anytime, always up-to-date, and based upon a secure rights management system.

Production Planning with Smart Logic

Create and evaluate different production scenarios to find the most efficient solution for you project – making use of existing information within your project.

Shoot Scheduling

Intelligent shooting scheduling means avoiding redundant work. Make use of all the information that your head-of-departments provide in the break-downs.

Casting Database

How about… what’s his name? Collect, present, discuss and select cast members for all roles of your project and distribute important information within seconds.

Hair & Make-Up in Real Time

All the info you need on hand in real time: cast, scene, look, continuity stills… in one convenient spot in the cloud.

Props & Production Design

No matter how many props you need to handle, Yamdu will help you and your department to make life easier.

Film Crew Management

Generate contact lists automatically, provide secure access rights and get to love intuitive contract management. One solution to keep track of your film crew.


Easily invite specific crew members or departments to events and meetings, like PPMs, etc. And never lose track of important dates regarding your project.

Financing Management

Easily create unlimited financing scenarios, keep track of deadlines for fundings, and manage contracts and deliverables for your partners.

Collaborative Script Breakdowns and Shots

No more redundant work! Each department should know best what is needed and contribute to one master breakdown to support the director’s and the production team.

Call Sheets Done Right

Generate your daily call sheets quickly and easily using data you already created in pre-production and distribute them automatically.


Costume department can be organized for efficiency, giving your designers time to focus on the big stuff.

Location Scouting Management

It’s always the same: Where are we going to shoot and why? Make your location proposals accessible to the crew, to get valuable input.

Dailies and Post-Production Management

With ARRI Webgate integration, you can seamlessly share files and versions, view dailies, convert video clips, and more.