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Showbiz Timecards SAG-AFTRA

The industry standard when it comes to electronic timecards… it’s the program SAG-AFTRA auditors use! Just enter your performers’ hours and rates of pay, and let Showbiz Timecards SAG-AFTRA make the calculations for you! Go from hours to gross pay at the click of a button.

The industry standard when it comes to electronic timecards… it’s the program SAG-AFTRA auditors use to make sure performer pay is accurate! Just enter your performers’ hours and rates of pay, and let Showbiz Timecards SAG-AFTRA make the calculations for you! Go from hours to gross pay at the click of a button.

Current Media Services payroll clients receive our Timecards products FREE upon signup. Email [email protected] to find out more. Already doing payroll with us? Just select Media Services Payroll Client from the dropdown options when ordering.

Looking to network multiple users?
Call us to discuss at 310 440 9669 or email [email protected]. Requires purchase of Filemaker (version 16 or 17 only – not 18) for each networked user.

PC Users: The current Windows version is compatible with Windows 7 or higher. If you are experiencing extreme slowdowns, please contact us at 310 440 9669.

Mac Users: The current install is optimized for El Capitan and Sierra.

If you are having any troubles installing, please call us at 310 440 9669 for assistance.

Showbiz Timecards SAG-AFTRA

Monitoring your performers’ penalties for overtime, meals and forced calls can be tricky and time-consuming. With the industry-standard Showbiz SAG Cards, now you don’t have to. We have built this program with input from the guild to incorporate every nuanced rule of the Screen Actors Guild Basic Agreement.
Use the software that SAG uses to audit your show. That’s right, many auditors have adopted Showbiz SAG Cards to audit production companies. Why? It automates the process and reduces the risk of errors. Showbiz SAG Cards will automatically calculate 1x, 1.5x, 2x, travel time, total hours, meal penalties, forced calls, stunt adjustments and more!

How do Showbiz Timecards work differently from manually breaking down time cards?

Current Manner of Calculating Time Cards: 
Currently, you get a stack of time cards and start 10-Keying, day by day, all the straight time, overt time, gold time, meal penalties etc. Then you write it all down on the original time card. Once completed, you give them to the head accountant for approval. And finally, you FedEx or get a runner to bring them to your payroll company.

The Showbiz Way:
You get a stack of original time cards. You key the hours into the computer. Click the MagicPay button and your hours-to-gross is calculated for you. You print the new time card out and give it to your head accountant for approval. Once approved, you print the Showbiz Timecards again – but not to paper – to PDF. Then you e-mail the PDF file to ANY payroll provider. The time cards arrive a minimum of a half a day earlier. Since they are not faxed or hand written, they are crystal clear to read. And since the computer calculates mostly everything, there’s less human error.

Note: Even though the payroll company can start working on your edit right away, you will still need to send the payroll company the original time cards (with hours worked and a signature) for archival purposes.

Most SAG rules are built right into the program
Showbiz Timecards SAG-AFTRA makes your life easier because many of the guild rules are built right into the program.


Get More Accurate and Easier to Read Time card
Print your timecards to PDF and e-mail them to any provider. Or, attach the timecard/worksheets to the signed time cards. Don’t forget to let us bid on doing your payroll. Combined with Media Services’ on-site check printing, there is no faster way to pay your cast, crew and staff.

Contract Players – Payment Tracker
You’ll always know how much you’ve paid, how many days/weeks left, and a one button click to pay out the rest of the contract. Plus, the weekly rate is calculated just by entering total days in week & contract.

A Plethora of Reports
You can generate reports for one day, one week, a month, for one production, for one employee, etc. For each of these type of reports you can print a box & car, mileage & lodging, holiday & vacation, employee checklists, etc.

Daily Labor Hot Costs
If you enter the work hours on a daily basis, you can generate a daily labor hot cost for each day on your production. And when the week is over, you’ve already prepared 90% of your payroll for processing.

SAG and AFTRA Exhibit A Schedules are built in
One button click will set up a timecard for Schedule A, 3Day, B, C, F, H, I, J and K (studio or location). Enter the hours, click MagicPay, and you’re done.


Meal Penalties
Meal penalties are automatically calculated, giving you the option to call “Grace” to recognize all the meal penalties incurred.

Stunt Adjustments
When you add a stunt adjustment on any day, new hourly rates are automatically calculated by day for day players and by week for all other schedules.

Travel Time
Just enter the work hours and travel time is instantly calculated for you – plus any double time by SAG contract rules is automatically added to travel time OT hours and deducted from double time OT.

Turnaround / Forced Call Hours
If you have to pay forced calls, just input the forced call interval, e.g. 10 hours, and the software tells you exactly how many penalty hours you incurred – plus it will autopaste the cost on the time card (while automatically recognizing SAG ceilings).

Money Breaks
The money breaks for all schedules are pre-programmed when you use the autopaste schedules section.

6th & 7th Day Calculations
All 6th & 7th day calculations are automatic.

Final Cast List
Click one button to generate a Final Cast List.

Autopaste Per Diem
Your per diems, both taxable and non-taxable, are automatically paid based on how many days worked – plus, if you like, it will calculate and pay an advance equal to your total taxable and non-taxable per diems.

Agency Fees
Simply add a percentage in the agency field and all pensionable agency fees will be applied.

There’s no need to create your Bible in Excel anymore. You can copy your Bible right out of the software and paste in directly into Excel so you can e-mail it to anyone.

Operating System:

Requires an Intel Mac running El Capitan or higher (including OS Monterey) or PC running Windows 7 or higher. If you are experiencing speed issues, please contact us at 310 440 9669.