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Showbiz Budgeting 10: Ten Features To Improve Your Production

Original publish date: January 16, 2024

Budgeting is a tricky game, and it’s crucial that productions do accurate financial planning, regardless of a project’s size and scale. With experience comes expertise, and the pros know what they need out of a budgeting tool.  

Showbiz Budgeting 10 is a versatile solution designed by production accountants for production accountants, production managers, and independent producers. It’s the only budgeting software you’ll ever need, powering flexible finance for modern productions of any type and scale. And unlike other budgeting programs, Showbiz goes beyond basic numbers by providing actualization tools that allow users to track expenses and understand their impact on the overall budget.

Crew members work on a set together to make a movie, demonstrating the power of Showbiz Budgeting to help productions get made.

 With Showbiz 10’s ability to help you collaborate in real-time via the cloud without losing desktop independence, It’s a veritable embarrassment of riches. But the benefits don’t stop there. Here are 10 things you’ll love about Showbiz Budgeting 10: 

  1. Cloud Enhancement: Apart from a powerful desktop application, an optional monthly or annual cloud subscription enables real-time collaboration, detailed permission setting, and seamless sharing of your budget. Tailor access for collaborators, from view-only to editing privileges, with granular control over functions, phases, categories, and more. Collaboration is possible even when the budget owner is offline. 
  1. Actualization: Plan your production budget with the added capability to actively monitor costs as production progresses. Effortlessly import payroll expenses from Media Services, CAPS, or Showbiz Timecards. Keep tabs on credit, check, EFT, and invoice expenses, and easily import digital petty cash envelopes and purchase orders. 
  1. Dynamic Currency Links: Working abroad is a breeze with our currency links. Enable them, and your detailed items are connected to specific currencies with editable exchange rates. Any changes you make automatically update throughout your budget. 
  1. 100+ Customizable Templates: No need to start from scratch. Our built-in, fully customizable templates meet the standards of the AICP, major studios, independent filmmakers, and virtually any production type you can imagine. 
  1. Enhanced Overtime Tiers: Ask and you shall receive! Detail items now feature five overtime tiers with editable pay multiples for each tier. 

Convinced? Trial Showbiz Budgeting 10 Now!

  1. Robust Reporting: Easily tailor and export various PDF reports to maintain production accuracy and compliance. Get a full budget summary, accounts, cost reports, calendars, petty cash reports, purchase order logs, and more at your fingertips for download, sharing, or printing. 
  1. Phases: Whether you’re filming across state lines or in different hemispheres, Phases enable you to segment your budget for easy qualification of production incentives, wherever you are. 
  1. Integrations: Switching is a breeze—import your Movie Magic budgets, Point Zero, and Powerbid actuals, then start collaborating and tracking expenses seamlessly with software like Yamdu and Showbiz Timecards.     
  1. Purchase Orders: Say goodbye to manual purchase orders. Showbiz Budgeting automatically tracks expenses against each PO, making vendor transactions easy. Just customize and send when you’re ready. 
  1. Globals, Sub-Groups, and Fringes: Simplify the time-consuming tasks of creating and updating globals, sub-groups, and fringes with our easy-to-use tools. Any changes you make trigger automatic updates across the entire budget. 

Most importantly, Showbiz Budgeting adopts a people-first approach. As a customer, you’ll receive continued support and training at no cost, demonstrating our commitment to long-term customer satisfaction. 

For a full breakdown of Showbiz Budgeting 10’s features and benefits, visit this page.

Showbiz Budgeting is the ultimate solution for flexible and accountable financial planning in the entertainment industry. Its actualization tools, real-time collaboration features, exchange-ready capabilities, and customizable templates empower you to accurately plan, track, and reduce costs for any production. With the continued support of our team and a seamless integration with dedicated payroll systems, Showbiz Budgeting ensures a seamless production process from start to finish. 

Ready to rescue your bottom line? Get Showbiz Budgeting 10!  

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