Frequently Asked Questions

Residuals Checks
1. How can I change my address on file?

You can go fill out a change of address form Here.

The other option is to call the Media Services front desk at 310 440 9600 and ask to be transferred to the Residuals Department. We will ask you to fax the old address, the new address, the last four digits of the social security number, and a signature. Once you have faxed this information you will also need to send an email with the same information that was included in the fax.

2. I have faxed a change of address and the checks still go to the wrong place.

You need to contact the guild about this matter. All original (1st issue) residual payments are sent to their applicable guild for processing before a residual recipient receives their payment. The guild, after completing their processing procedure, will forward the residual payment to their member using the address information they have on file. The guilds distribute the checks individually. Addresses on file with Media Services in regards to residuals payments are only used to send out W-2’s, payments that have been adjusted, or any written correspondence.

3. What can I do if I need a W-2 reprint or I have not received my W-2 yet?

You can take care of it here. You can also call the W-2 hotline at 310 471 9386.

4. Who do I contact about beneficiary information?

You should contact the estate department at the guild you are looking for.

5. How do I know if this is a residual check or initial pay check?

The check will say “residual payment” under earnings type, and the show name listed may be one that is no longer in production.

6. Where is my royalty check?

You can call the Media Services front desk at 310 440 9600 and ask for the Residuals Department. We will ask you for the first name, last name, and social security number. We will then let you know when the check was processed, when it was sent to SAG, and if it has been cleared.

7. I have updated my address and the check still prints out my old address, but I'm still able to get them.

If you have already updated your address with the guild, it does not mean that you are updated in our system. The two systems are not linked up together. When you update your address with the guild make sure you do the same with your payroll company.

8. I have not received any of my residual checks.

Contact the guild and see if they have your checks. Sometimes when the guild does not have an update address on file, they will deposit it into a trust account.

9. I have expired checks that need to be reissued. What should I do?

If you have the live checks, send them in to Media Services and we can reissue them for you. If you don’t have the checks, we will send you a form to fill out and return back to Media Services. Once we get the form back, we will forward it to place a stop payment on the check. Then we can reissue and send the checks to you.