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The Affinity Production Insurance Program From Media Services and EPIC Insurance

Original publish date: September 24, 2021

Get Quick Access to Cost-Effective Entertainment Insurance

Liability is an inevitable concern for any production. And coverage is often an obligation for funding your film. It’s important to insure against accidents, major technical complications, natural disasters and more on production.

Protecting your next project and covering all your bases doesn’t have to be complicated. We are thrilled to announce our new alliance with EPIC Insurance Brokers & Consultants, via our parent company Cast & Crew, which will help you and your production easily acquire insurance that meets your needs and our requirements.

An Easy Production Insurance Solution That Benefits You

EPIC is an experienced insurance brokerage firm within the entertainment industry, and they will help you:

Independent features, commercials, live events and new media productions will all benefit from EPIC’s volume and specially negotiated underwriting allowing you to get competitive premiums. Do your smaller productions frequently have trouble meeting insurance requirements? This program will help!

Please note, Cast & Crew is not an insurance broker; we are not selling insurance. We receive no information from exchanges and discussions between our customers and EPIC. All information shared between production clients and EPIC is confidential.

This program is our way of continuing to help our clients in the Cast & Crew family of companies streamline their productions.

Get the cost-effective entertainment insurance you need to protect your production and cover your bases. It’s quick and easy with the Affinity Insurance Program from Cast & Crew and EPIC Insurance. To get started, visit here. 

We’re Here To Help

If you have questions about this insurance referral program, just email [email protected] or contact EPIC at 212 702 3335.

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