Frequently Asked Questions

Paychecks and Payroll
1. How can I submit a request for hours to be sent to the union for Contract Service Letters?

Fill out a Contract Service Letter Request form to submit your request. Your hours will be reported to Contract Services within 5-10 business days.

2. Who can I speak to about a lost, damaged, or stolen check that needs to be reissued?

First, please make sure the production company that you worked with knows the check has been damaged, lost, or stolen.

• If the check/checks are damaged, send them back to Media Services immediately.
• If checks are damaged to the point that they cannot be sent back, please get in touch with Media Services as soon as possible.

For Features/TV, contact Features Administrative Support at 310 471 9352.
For the Commercial Payroll department, contact Payroll Clerical Support at 310 440 9660.
To speak to the person who processes the payroll, call Media Services’ main line: 310 440 9600.

The receptionist will need to know the production company you work for, and then you will be transferred to the appropriate payroll coordinator. The email address for information regarding lost, stolen, or uncashed checks is

3. What steps should I take if I was paid incorrectly?

First, make sure you have all your pay stubs organized and your timecard copy to compare.  You should contact the production company first to go through the payments and if there is an adjustment, your accountant on the production end will need to get in touch with Media Services.

4. Has my check been sent out yet?

For Features/TV: Call the Media Services front desk at 310 440 9600 and the receptionist will transfer you to the appropriate coordinator. If the coordinator is unavailable, you can ask to speak to Features Administrative Support or call 310 471 9352.
For Commercial paychecks: Call Payroll Clerical Support at 310 440 9660.

5. How can I change my address on file?

You can fill out the start form with your new address. You can use the union or non-union start form, but just fill out the top sheet, the one the production and employees fill out. You can then email the start form to the production and your payroll coordinator or you can get in touch with them directly. Download Union/ Non-Union start form here.

6. How can I get Direct Deposit?

Crew members can sign up for Freelancer ACH Direct Pay anytime. This option follows you from production to production. The more traditional Direct Deposit must be offered via the production company and is less common. Forms for both types can be found here.

7. What do I need to do to have my check reissued?

If the check is not in your possession (lost, stolen or never received), we will send you a re-issuance form where you can update your address if necessary and sign.  Once it is signed and returned to Media Services it will take 24 hours time from the submission of the request.

If you have the check in your possession, whether stale dated or processed incorrectly, you will need to send us the original check.  Once the original check is received, we can submit the request and reissue the check within 24 hours.

NOTE: In either scenario, production should be made aware since they will be receiving the invoice. We recommend that you contact the production company and have them submit the request. This way we have it in writing and they are aware. Special circumstances would include if a production is finished and/or the check is stale dated. In this case the situation can be resolved with the employee directly, but we need the request in writing.

8. I need information for filing an unemployment claim.

You can find the payroll company name and Employer Identification Number on your paystub. Be sure to refer to your most recent paystub, as you may not always be paid by the same payroll company, even within the Media Services umbrella. If you have an active claim and need to speak to someone, call our garnishments and unemployment division at 310 471 9364.

9. Where on my check does it indicate the production company?

The production company name is located in the middle white area, under the hours worked.

10. My minor child’s trust account is not being credited. Who can I talk to?

Contact the Garnishments department at 310 471 9373.