Our number one goal is to make things easier for you. While any entertainment payroll company can do withholdings and W2s, what sets us apart is our commitment to service and our extensive array of digital tools.

Showbiz Timecards is our standalone, industry-standard union pay calculator. Quite simply the best in the business… and timecards submitted to us on Showbiz can be processed for a same-day payroll edit! Showbiz Budgeting is heralded as the most flexible software of its kind, with actualization abilities built right in and sub-budgets broken out by column.

All of our Showbiz products are free to use for payroll clients.

Our newest tech tools, exclusively for payroll clients, offer an entirely paperless experience:

Digital Onboarding from TiM (Time is Money) allows you to send start packets to your crew and talent digitally, with a fully electronic signing and approval process.

Mobile Timecards are a free and easy way to have your crew submit their times to your designated list of approvers, customized per department if needed. You’ll get an automatic email report with estimated payroll totals for the week… if they’re all in and approved by 10am with completed starts, you can even get a same-day payroll edit.

Self-Service Payroll Reports are the way of the future. Your payroll accounting needs aren’t limited to regular business hours… so why should your payroll data be? This powerful portal allows our clients to retrieve top-requested reports 24/7.

MediaWeb Cloud-Based Accounting is our fully browser-based production accounting platform. With user interface and functionality designed by production accountants, for production accountants… once you use it, you’ll never look back.

We bring all of our technology to payroll clients absolutely free, with the hands-down best tech support in the industry… available 24 hours a day. During regular business hours, you’ll never go to voicemail or be put on endless hold.