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Residuals Payment Processing from Media Services

Media Services has been making residuals payments for productions old and new for over 40 years. Using our proprietary system, we can accurately forecast our clients’ residuals payments based on the markets to which they want to sell or license their films, shows or web series.

The most sophisticated film and TV residuals payment forecasting system available

Our residuals payment estimates have helped many productions strike profitable licensing deals for their material to reuse markets such as Network TV, Basic Cable, Web, In-Flight and Home Video. Using your final cast list, our proprietary system allows us to tell you in hours what your obligation is going to be. By knowing your complete residuals payment schedule in advance, you will be able to negotiate confidently for your deals.

Residuals payment formulas vary by made-for market and sell-to market

Our residuals staff has decades of experience estimating and paying residuals for entertainment. With work backgrounds that include the residuals departments of major studios and networks, as well as the guilds themselves, we have a knowledgebase and expertise for residuals payments which is unmatched in the industry. You will always receive an estimate invoice of your upcoming residuals payments before we cut the checks. Competing residuals processing services often cut checks at the same time the estimate is generated – and if you need to make changes, you get charged for cutting the checks again. At Media Services, you can review your estimate and make edits before the residuals payments are finalized.

Track your residuals payments 24/7 using our free online tool

When you process film and TV residuals through Media Services, you can get a complete history of all the residuals payments we’ve made on your behalf, 24/7, using our signature online system. With flexible reports made to fit your needs, you’ll always have all the data about your paid residuals at your command. And unlike other residuals services, we don’t charge you to take your data. With our unique no-risk policy, if you decide to leave, your complete residuals information is always free to take with you. No gaps, no shoddy reports, no charge, no hassles. Period.