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Corporate Media Payroll

Your corporate media department may be anything from a one-person post operation to a state-of-the-art studio and post center, rivaling the best commercial or broadcast operations around. You’re responsible for business communications programs that make a difference to your company’s bottom line – from internal training programs to broadcast commercials.

Like many successful production centers, you rely on a talented freelance workforce, whether it’s project-based crew you use on a few shoots per year or entire teams working simultaneously from prep to post. You may even have long term contractors working regular hours each week, 52 weeks per year. So how do you ensure that your freelance team remains a key asset, and not a costly liability? Talk to us and find out.

Media Services ensures compliance with all wage-and-hour laws, and we take on the comprehensive administration of your crew’s employment. So you will always know whether your crew members should be classified as independent contractors or employees, and you can rest easy knowing that Media Services is handling all the reporting and document retention. With our crew booking service, we can even deliver experienced local crews for you, anywhere in the world.