Production Payroll - Specialty Markets

Documentary and Reality Payroll

Producing reality TV, documentaries, interstitials and other nonfiction content has its own complexities. From intense schedules and fast turnarounds to on-set surprises and workers’ comp risks, there’s something new every day. Shooting on location, outside the controlled conditions of a studio, brings its own set of challenges: permitting issues, imperfect weather conditions, unexpected location issues and delays.

Media Services provides payroll and production management services for some of the top reality programs on the air. We are equipped to handle any scale of production, and can even advise you on the ramifications of producing your show union or non-union, as we have extensive experience with both. We’ve built custom reality/documentary templates right into our renowned Showbiz Budgeting software. Unlike any other production budgeting software, this one has the flexibility to split your overall budget into “phases” or sub-budgets – great for breaking down costs by episode, by location or any other designated category.

Talk to us about how we can help you handle all your payroll, accounting and crew booking needs on your next unscripted shoot.