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Payroll for New Media And Branded Content

Payroll for new media requires innovative tools that support the content revolution. Web-based video projects and branded content demand ultimate crew pay processing speed and flexibility. That’s why we build our automated payroll software to be the most agile in the industry for our new media clients.

Optimal Payroll Tech for Next-Gen Media Projects 

Tech infused solutions mean accelerated turnaround when you need it, and a human touch when you want it. That’s the bandwidth built into Media Services Payroll.

TiM Digital Onboarding makes start paperwork for freelance crews a snap. Mobile Timecards eliminates paper and cuts turnaround in half. Now you can enroll new crew members in hours, not days – and get them paid quicker than ever. 

When you payroll your New Media and Branded Content with us, you get:   

  • Access to TiM Digital Onboarding software 
  • Free Mobile Timecards and Showbiz Software 
  • Payroll tax remittance for your production 
  • Employer-of-record unemployment coverage 
  • Worker’s comp for your freelance crew

Get a free payroll quote for your New Media project now.