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Payroll for Music Tours and Live Events from CAPS

When you run a music tour or live event, you need a payroll service that can keep up. Tours need to payroll crew across a number of states in a short time span – that’s why our sister payroll provider CAPS is registered in all 50 states, and can provide top workers’ compensation coverage for productions touring around the world. 

Touring Payroll That’s a Step Ahead 

Compliance is just as important as accuracy and speed when you’re on the road. That’s why CAPS maintains an exceptional payroll team versed in state-by-state payroll requirements. Our up-to-the-minute knowledge of local labor legislation keeps your tour moving forward. 

Powerful software heightens payroll to a new level. ETC from CAPS provides a digital solution to get your crew paid quickly and easily. CAPS Pay makes hours-to-gross calculation a snap. Use only what you need – with CAPS, it’s all up to you.

When you payroll your tour or event with CAPS, you get: 

  • Experienced payroll experts specializing in live events 
  • ETC for onboarding and timekeeping  
  • CAPS Pay to calculate and submit payroll 
  • Employer of record services and tax filings 
  • Health and Unemployment Benefits 
  • Worker’s comp for crew and talent payees 

GET a free quotE FROM CAPS for your Music Tour or Live Event today.