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Payroll for Independent Film

When paying crew members on an independent film, every dollar counts. As a producer or production accountant, you want those dollars up on the screen rather than in the coffers of your film payroll service. 

No Setup Fees for Payroll 

Be sure to seek out a payroll company with transparent, easy-to-understand pricing. At Media Services, we don’t hide the cost of payrolling your independent film in setup fees. With a simple quote, you’ll understand at a glance the price to pay your crew and cast members. 

What you’ll get with your production payroll: 

  • Accurate, timely payroll for all crew and cast 
  • Payroll tax filings handled under our employer ID numbers 
  • Unemployment coverage 
  • Workers’ compensation for your film production payees 
  • Digital pay tools all included 

Get in touch today for a free, no-obligation payroll quote for your independent film.