Our Health Benefits Offerings


Our Health Benefits Offerings

We are happy to bring low-cost, comprehensive health benefits to all our entertainment payroll clients who wish to offer them to their employees.

A few quick reasons to add health benefits to your Media Services payroll package:

Our plans are at the lowest cost the industry has to offer.
Not only do you save money on your employer premiums, but it’s easy to keep your employee premiums low enough to be affordable.

We work with the top providers in the country.
When it comes to keeping your production crew happy and healthy, it’s not only cost but also quality of care that matters. Due to our volume and relationships, we are able to bring you both.

All of our plans are ACA-compliant.
If you’re a large employer (50 or more full-time plus full-time-equivalent employees), you already know you need to meet Affordable Care Act requirements. But if you’re a growing entertainment company, or you just want to offer competitive benefits to your crew, you can rest easy knowing your healthcare offerings will be above the minimum standards of the ACA.

Ask your salesperson about benefit offerings today! Not a payroll client yet? Submit an interest form today.