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Digital Pay History

Great news! The check’s not in the mail.

With Digital Pay History on our Crew Portal, crew members can pull up their pay history at any time, including weekly pay slips and also W2s. For those enrolled in Freelancer ACH Deposit or Direct Deposit, they can opt out of receiving a paper pay slip altogether.

Screenshot of Crew Portal with Pay Slips selected

One simple registration, and you’ll have access to generate PDF copies of your individual earnings, for any pay ending date this calendar year. For payments from prior years, you’ll see a summary of the payment, with dollar amount and check number. You can also opt to receive your W2 digitally, by authorizing us to stop printing and mailing it to you each year.

Note: This is an optional service, and registering will not disable check and pay slip printing unless you are also enrolled in Freelancer ACH Deposit or Direct Deposit.

Register Now for Crew Portal Access

Be free of paper completely by signing up for Freelancer ACH Deposit.