CreditScout Takes On Tax Credits for Microbudget Films

Original publish date: October 21, 2011

Finally, an application that navigates the tricky waters of film incentive tax credits in North America, and spits out the best solution for any given project. With the release of its online platform in August, CreditScout joined a handful of other programs designed to search and compare tax credits, including our own free online database Showbiz Incentives, which allows you to compare up to 12 regions at once.

But for filmmakers who already have a budget and are looking to take their tax credit search a step further, CreditScout is a robust, fee-based platform that allows the user to enter all the particulars of a shoot – budget, equipment, crew, how many will be local, etc. – and then determines the top tax credit fits while eliminating those that don’t apply. For example, as the software developers point out in this helpful article on tax credits for microbudget films, many states require a minimum production budget for projects to qualify for their tax credit programs. CreditScout will rule those out, and show you a list of the ones that got nixed.

For a comprehensive look at your film tax credit options, you can even export your budget right out of Showbiz Budgeting and import it directly into CreditScout. Find out how!


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