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Commercial Production Payroll from CAPS

Commercial jobs move fast. Production is marked in days or even hours, not weeks. Payroll for commercial production has to be nimble, with quick turnarounds and accurate processing. 

We are proud to present our sister company CAPS Payroll for all your commercial processing.


How do I submit payroll to CAPS? 

Just as important to speed are the digital tools you use to pay your crew. With ETC for crew onboarding and time entry, you’re able to hire and payroll your freelance crew members in a streamlined custom workflow. 

CAPS provides ETC to all commercial clients at their option, along with CAPS Pay – the industry-standard hours-to-gross calculator for commercial crew and talent payments. 

What all is included with CAPS commercial payroll? 

With CAPS handling your commercial production payroll, you get: 

  • Dedicated commercial experts to process your crew’s pay 
  • ETC for onboarding and hours collection  
  • CAPS Pay to hot-cost and submit payroll 
  • Workers’ comp for your commercial freelancers 
  • Unemployment 
  • All payroll tax filings 

Ready to get started? GET a quick commercial payroll quote FROM CAPS.