Showbiz Store & Cafe Open for Carmageddon

Original publish date: July 13, 2011

While some have chosen to panic, barricade themselves in their homes or outright mock the coming of the most giddily deplored freeway closure in recent Los Angeles history, Showbiz Store & Cafe will remain open both Saturday and Sunday, tending to those in need of music, food and fun. The two-day Carmageddon Block Party will feature prizes including a 20″ iMac and ten iPods, plus a live DJ, film screenings, face painting, cafe food & drink samples and Guitar Hero on a nine-foot screen. The mission of the event is to relieve weary travelers stuck on Sepulveda Blvd. in the heart of the 10-mile 405 closure, while also providing an oasis for local neighborhood denizens who find themselves reduced to lowly pedestrians for the length of the weekend.

Other local companies are flouting conventional wisdom and transit authority guidelines in grandiose style: JetBlue, for one, has offered an ill-conceived $4 “Carmageddon Flyover” from Long Beach to Burbank – which critics point out will only put more cars on the roads and freeways at a time when officials have asked residents to keep them clear for emergency vehicles. The flights reportedly sold out in less than a day.

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