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Showbiz Labor Guide: The Latest Guild Rates and Fringes

Original publish date: April 12, 2023

Complex production finance and payroll doesn’t have to tie you up in knots. That’s why we created an online free-to-use database of compiled wage and fringe rates for every major entertainment union, guild, and local across the United States.  

The Showbiz Labor Guide is your go-to resource for early stages of financing and pre-production and a welcome companion during production. Specifically, it comes in handy for writing project budgets, projecting production costs, and running payroll.  

It’s like an expert in your pocket 

The Showbiz Labor Guide simplifies complex information for more accurate labor cost calculations and budget forecasting. Once a location has been chosen and staffing needs determined, the guide assists with wage verification. Producers armed with accurate and timely information can better negotiate wages and bolster their trustworthiness when pitching their budget to financiers. 

With trusted data all in one place, retrieving details is easier than ever before. And, because wages and fringe rates are provided to us by the guild and unions themselves the moment a new agreement is ratified, you can trust you always have the most reliable up-to-date information. 

Keeping productions on time and on budget can be challenging, especially if the resources needed to get the job done—including people with specific expertise—aren’t easily accessible. The labor guide is a one-stop shop; it helps smaller teams do more with less because it’s a self-service source that includes options to connect with our in-house guild experts. 

Ready to see the latest rates and fringes? Get the guide

Get the most out of the Showbiz Labor Guide

The most important information contained within the Showbiz Labor Guide includes detailed wage and fringe rates for a variety of positions with guilds and locals. Included are agreements for: 

Skip fumbling through myriad websites or referring to out-of-date reams of paper. The Showbiz Labor Guide pulls everything together in one place and eliminates the obstacle of retrieving rates from unions directly. 

The Showbiz Labor Guide is accessible

Because the guide is an online database, it can be accessed from anywhere. It’s always up to date and is organized by guild, so it’s easily sorted and searched.  

Want to access information about union regulations and contact information for a commercial production? The Showbiz Labor Guide dashboard allows easy access to our downloadable commercial labor guide so producers can get all the rules and wages they need instantly.

A how-to guide leads the way 

New to the Showbiz Labor Guide? No problem. Take advantage of the “how-to” section to navigate through the data including instructions for locating very specific information (e.g., a specific job title within a guild). 

Special rates are included in the Showbiz Labor Guide 

Video might have killed the radio star back in 1980, but videos still remain very much in demand, and crews are necessary to bring them to life. The labor guide lists rates specific to music videos, making it easier for budgeting and processing payroll for Teamsters Local 399 and IATSE. 

Figure cash back with our incentives calculator

Since production can take place just about anywhere, the Showbiz Labor Guide links to a state-by-state incentives calculator, eliminating potential surprises. This way, producers can make data-driven decisions about where to film, and production can strive to remain on time and on budget.  

Experts are standing by

When you needs accurate answers fast, the last thing you want to do is navigate myriad options through a phone tree. The Showbiz Labor Guide includes a form to request rates directly from our in-house entertainment labor guild experts. 

Ready to get the latest rates in one place? Get the guide

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