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Production Accounting and Payroll Training for Film & TV Launches in New Mexico

Original publish date: April 22, 2021

The New Mexico Film Office is debuting a Production Accounting and Payroll Training Program, designed to upskill experienced New Mexico accounting professionals to transition to production accounting for the booming New Mexico film industry. The program, put on in partnership with CNM Ingenuity, will train locals to work as payroll clerks, accounting clerks, payroll accountants and second assistant accountant positions upon completion of the training.

“What’s happening for production in New Mexico is unprecedented, largely driven by the film tax incentive there,” said Media Services VP of Sales & Production Incentives Ryan Broussard. “I think their incentive program is brilliant the way it puts aside funds for giant players like Netflix, and also adds the film and TV infrastructure of course. It doesn’t surprise me to see the emergence of production accounting and payroll training in New Mexico – the need is there for sure.”

The New Mexico payroll and production accounting program is virtual for now, and will last five weeks with one meeting per week. Participants will build upon previous accounting or finance experience in the areas of bookkeeping, reporting, and auditing – a prerequisite for entry – in order to learn the specialized field of film and TV production accounting. The first training cohort will include up to fifteen participants, who must be New Mexico residents and provide proof of previous accounting experience or education.

It’s no secret what’s driving the program. With major investment in long-term New Mexico production infrastructure, Netflix, NBC Universal and others are in need of qualified local production accountants to manage their shows. Indeed, funding for the program is provided by the New Mexico Film Office using Netflix workforce development funds, and completion of the program brings an interview with a Netflix finance executive and consideration for employment on future productions.

“We are thrilled to be providing this Production Accounting and Payroll Training Program to New Mexicans,” said Amber Dodson, New Mexico Film Office Director. “The idea arose out of an increased and clear demand for more production accounting personnel by the film industry. The intention behind this program as well as future workforce training programs is to meet the industry’s needs and expand our local crew base.”

All training will be provided by CNM Ingenuity under their Film Training track. Training topics for the up and coming New Mexico production accountants will include:

The training program begins May 15, with qualified applications handled on a first-come, first-serve basis. A $50 enrollment fee is due upon acceptance, with preregistration due by May 13.

Apply for the New Mexico Production Accounting and Payroll Training Program here.

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