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New York Paid Family Leave for Crew Expands in 2022

Original publish date: January 12, 2022

New York Paid Family Leave for crew expands in 2022 in two major ways. The weekly cap on benefits is increasing and the definition of “family member” will now include siblings. 

When Paid Family Leave was first introduced in New York for crew members in 2018, it gave eligible production staff partially paid time off and protection from losing their job. Paid Family Leave allows crew members time to spend with a newborn, care for immediate family members with a serious illness or provide aid when a family member is deployed on active military duty. 

After annual benefit increases, the program topped out in 2020. It currently allows up to 12 weeks of Paid Family Leave per rolling 52-week period. 

Weekly Benefits Increase for NY Paid Family Leave for Crew 

Eligible crew members claiming Paid Family Leave benefits in New York will see a 10% increase in weekly compensation compared to last year.  

Crew members will receive 67% of their weekly pay or 67% of the Statewide Average Weekly Wage (SAWW) – whichever is less.  

In 2022, the SAWW is set at $1,594.57 per week, which caps the weekly benefit at $1,068.36 per week for New Yorkers.  

Productions should make certain their payroll is properly adjusted to reflect the increase. Since the Paid Family Leave benefits are employee funded, the annual employee payroll contribution cap has been increased to $423.71.  

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Family Members Now Include Siblings for NY PFL

Paid Family Leave for crew in New York has expanded the meaning of “family member” to include siblings. This change goes into effect on January 1,2023. 

With the passing of Senate Bill S2928A, eligible production staff will be allowed to use the state’s Paid Family Leave benefits to care for siblings with serious medical conditions. This new rule defines siblings as a biological, adopted, half or step sibling.

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