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Massachusetts Production Coalition President Joe Maiella Named Imaginnaire 2012

Original publish date: December 20, 2011

Photo of Joe MaiellaMedia Services VP of Sales & Crew Booking Joe Maiella has been selected as one of four 2012 Imaginnaires, a distinction bestowed by Imagine News each year. As current president and a founding board member of the Massachusetts Production Coalition, Maiella is intricately involved with the production community in New England. Imagine will recognize his contribution at their gala New Year Celebration on January 10 in Boston.

The Massachusetts Production Coalition represents a diverse group of production-related businesses throughout the state, and also has a union presence with board members from IATSE, SAG and AFTRA. The group was instrumental in working with the legislature and governor to pass Massachusett’s film tax credit four years ago. Though tax credits of all stripes have come under fire across the country in recent years due to state budget cuts, the Massachusetts incentives are credited with creating thousands of jobs and bringing a wave of new productions to the Commonwealth. The MPC is a chief advocate for the tax credit program across the state.

“I am deeply honored to receive this award, particularly alongside such an esteemed group of fellow Imaginnaires,” said Maiella. “Achieving this recognition would not have been possible without the tireless efforts of the MPC board of directors, past and present, and the countless contributions from those within our production community who share our passion for advancing our profession and the production industry in Massachusetts.”

“Joe Maiella supports and gives back his rich and creative ideas to the film, television and new media production community in New England,” said Imagine publisher Carol Patton. “We wanted to express our appreciation for Joe’s continued leadership and support of this industry and the Massachusetts Film Tax Incentive program, which he has been called upon to extol and defend in our regional mainstream media.”

The other Imaginnaires for 2012 are:

Imagine News puts out a regular publication focused on film, TV and new media production in the Northeast. The gala New Year Celebration is held on the second Tuesday in January each year.

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