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Expansion of NYC Sick Leave Law To Go Live in May

Original publish date: January 11, 2018

Last year, legislation was passed expanding New York City’s paid sick leave program to cover “safe time,” related to instances “when the employee or a family member has been the victim of a family offense matter, sexual offense, stalking, or human trafficking.” In addition to adding these safe time provisions, the bill also expands the list of covered family members for whom sick and safe time can be taken.

The changes go into effect May 5, 2018. The Notice of Employee Rights that is required to be provided to all new New York City employees must include safe time provisions as of that date. Within 30 days of the effective date (June 4), existing employees must also be given an updated Notice of Employee Rights. These distributions should be documented and records kept. Note: these notices and record-keeping are the responsibility of the production company.

The law, renamed the Earned Safe and Sick Time Act, provides paid time off for the following situations:

For union employees:

A valid collective bargaining agreement (CBA) may expressly waive the requirements of this law, as long as it provides a comparable paid-days-off benefit to covered employees. Any current CBA is exempt from the new requirements until it expires;  following expiration, any new agreement must incorporate such provisions if the associated parties wish to waive the Sick and Safe Time requirements.

Comparable benefits must be in the form of leave, compensation, other employee benefit (e.g., vacation, personal days, sick and safe time, premium pay for Sunday and holiday work), or some combination.

You can download the full legislation as written here.

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