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Digital Onboarding for Streamlined Payroll 

Original publish date: June 13, 2024

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In filmmaking, efficiency is paramount, especially when it comes to managing production payroll. Traditional onboarding methods can bog down the process of getting people paid with tedious, manual paperwork. Digital onboarding, on the other hand, offers a streamlined alternative that simplifies and accelerates the hiring of cast and crew alike.

Media Services’ TiM software is a cutting-edge digital payroll solution designed to revolutionize this entire process. TiM allows production teams to distribute, approve, and export startwork from any internet-connected device, significantly reducing the time and effort involved.

Instead of manually filling out forms line by line, crew members find their information is already on hand, minimizing repetitive data entry and ensuring completeness. This is particularly beneficial for day players working on multiple projects in a single week. By preventing the submission of incomplete forms, TiM enhances efficiency for both employees and production teams.

True to its name, TiM—Time is Money—focuses on saving valuable hours in the production payroll process. 

What are the benefits of digital payroll? 

The benefits are many! They include increased efficiency, accuracy, security, accessibility, and cost savings. By streamlining the entire payroll process, digital payroll reduces paperwork and manual data entry, allowing for swift completion of administrative tasks and saving time for both production staff and talent.

Automation minimizes the risk of errors that are common with manual data entry, ensuring precise and reliable payroll information, which mitigates potential disputes and delays.

Robust security measures protect sensitive personal and financial information with advanced encryption and secure data storage protocols, safeguarding against unauthorized access or breaches.

Remote access capabilities enable talent and production staff to complete payroll-related tasks from any location with an internet connection, providing valuable flexibility in fast-paced and decentralized environments.

Additionally, digital payroll reduces administrative costs by eliminating the need for paper forms, printing, and physical storage, while minimizing costly errors and disputes, thereby contributing to overall cost savings for production companies. 

What are some key features of TiM? 

TiM is a comprehensive digital onboarding platform with key features designed to streamline the onboarding process for production teams. The platform facilitates electronic onboarding with digital forms and workflows, allowing production companies to digitize necessary documents like tax forms, contracts, and personal information sheets. This digital approach replaces traditional paper-based processes, enabling seamless online completion and submission.

TiM’s customizable workflows guide users through the onboarding process step-by-step, ensuring accuracy and compliance. Production companies can create tailored onboarding packages, including only the relevant forms and documents for their specific needs, enhancing efficiency and focus. TiM also integrates digital signature capabilities, allowing for electronic signing and remote approval of documents. Additionally, TiM offers centralized document management, enabling production teams to digitize and manage their forms independently. The platform includes a library of pre-built forms and provides a dedicated setup team to assist with initial setup and ongoing support, ensuring a smooth and efficient onboarding experience. 

How does digital payroll streamline the production process? 

The impact of digital payroll couldn’t be more significant to this process. It streamlines the whole enterprise by offering remote accessibility, eliminating physical paperwork, and providing a user-friendly interface. With TiM, crew members can complete onboarding tasks from anywhere, which is crucial for film productions where crew members often work from various locations. This flexibility ensures that the onboarding process remains convenient and accessible, regardless of their location or schedule.

By allowing electronic completion of all necessary forms and contracts, TiM saves time, resources, and reduces the environmental impact associated with traditional paper-based processes.

The platform’s user-friendly interface, accessible from any internet-connected device, ensures easy navigation and intuitive use, minimizing the learning curve and enabling crew members to complete tasks efficiently. TiM provides step-by-step guidance, instructional resources, and hands-on support, with a dedicated setup team and readily available assistance to ensure a smooth and efficient onboarding experience for production crews. 

How does digital payroll ensure security of data? 

Digital payroll helps ensure security and compliance through a combination of robust data security measures including secure encryption protocols for both data at rest and in transit and multi-factor authentication (MFA). TiM’s platform employs non-editable submissions, requiring crew members to re-confirm any changes, which maintains data integrity and keeps all parties informed of updates.

Sensitive information is automatically erased after delivery, with only essential fragments remaining viewable for reference. Advanced encryption protocols, including AES256 for document storage and SHA512 for password protection, safeguard data against unauthorized access.

Multifactor authentication adds an additional security layer, making it difficult for unauthorized individuals to breach accounts. Bank-grade security mechanisms, such as multi-layered authentication and continuous network monitoring, further protect user information. Detailed audit trails and real-time tracking of document changes provide transparency, accountability, and compliance with regulatory requirements. TiM also offers seamless export and reporting features, enabling administrators to monitor onboarding activities and generate comprehensive reports efficiently. 

What are the benefits of digital onboarding with TiM? 

Digital onboarding with TiM offers numerous benefits, enhancing efficiency, cost savings, user experience, and scalability for production companies. By automating repetitive tasks such as data entry and document management, TiM significantly reduces administrative overhead and streamlines the onboarding process, leading to faster completion of tasks and quicker payroll processing.

The shift to digital onboarding minimizes paper and printing costs, as well as labor costs associated with manual paperwork, resulting in substantial cost savings. TiM’s seamless and user-friendly interface provides a positive experience for both producers and crew members, allowing remote completion of onboarding tasks at their convenience. TiM can accommodate productions of all sizes with customizable features and a scalable infrastructure, ensuring flexibility to meet the unique needs of each project. 

Use TiM for your digital onboarding needs 

TiM by Media Services exemplifies the future of digital onboarding in film payroll. By shifting from cumbersome paper-based processes to an efficient digital platform, TiM streamlines production payroll, saving both time and money. This innovative solution reduces administrative overhead and labor costs, enhancing the onboarding experience for crew members and producers. With its user-friendly interface, remote accessibility, and robust security features, TiM ensures a seamless and secure onboarding process for productions of all sizes. 

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