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AMPTP and Hollywood Guilds Relax COVID-19 Protocols 

Original publish date: May 10, 2022

The AMPTP and Hollywood’s guilds have reached a new agreement to introduce limited flexibility for COVID-19 production protocols sanctioned in mid-2020. The original agreement is widely credited with getting the entertainment industry back on its feet and more productive than ever. 

A new agreement has been reached to relax certain on-set protocols in the United States and Canada. Only in areas with confirmed low COVID-19 hospital admissions will these new conditions apply. This includes production crew members that are vaccinated and unvaccinated.  

Masks will no longer be required in most places. Except when in shuttle buses or other forms of transportation. Additional flexibility will apply to meal service. 

While pre-employment testing is still required, the type of testing allowed has changed based on work zone. In zones A and B, testing will be required on a weekly basis, though less frequently required. Zones C and D no longer require testing beyond a pre-employment test.  

Zone A, where actors work, will remain the most restrictive zone on set.  

Keep in mind that with these additional flexibilities, individual productions have the option to impose more restrictive masking and testing measures if necessary.  

For more details, please reference these resources from the DGA, SAG-AFTRA, IATSE and Teamsters

AMPTP and Guild Protocols That Remain in Place 

This new agreement allows productions to mandate cast and crew working in Zone A have their vaccine, including a booster. 

Productions must continue to hire a covid compliance supervisor to enforce this agreement’s protocols. 

All crew members will continue to receive ten paid days of COVID-19 sick leave. These days can be used to cover any eligible COVID-19 related event. 

As of now, the modified agreement between Hollywood’s unions and the AMPTP will remain in place until July 15, 2022, at which time they will consider current conditions and make changes as necessary.

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