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Convert a Movie Magic or Showbiz budget to Excel in seconds – with calculations and subtotals in place!

Please note: You must have your computer set to the date format MM/DD/YYYY to use the purchased version of this product.

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PC Users: The current Windows version is compatible with Windows 7 or higher. If you are experiencing extreme slowdowns, please contact us at 310 440 9669.
Mac Users: The current install is optimized for El Capitan and Sierra.
Attention Sierra users: please make sure to read and follow the instructions (in red) at the bottom of the DMG installer window. If you have any question, please call 310 440 9669.

Showbiz Shark allows you to export your Movie Magic® or Showbiz® budget to Excel® in seconds – with subtotals already in place!

This tool will save you hours of formatting and realignment pain. If you’ve ever had to output your budget to Excel and clean it up for cash flowing or a cost report, you know the tedium and frustration this process entails. Let Showbiz Shark do it for you, almost instantly.

Production accountants, line producers and finance execs swear by Showbiz Shark. Try our fully functioning free trial download … once you sink your teeth into it, going back to exporting budgets the old way will seem downright primitive.



Exports Movie Magic or Showbiz Budgeting budgets to Excel.

Calculates and formats subtotals.

Scans for duplicate account numbers prior to export.

Optional tag for all fringe accounts.


Export your Movie Magic budget.


Bring it into Showbiz Shark…


Send it to Excel. The calculations are created for you automatically!

Operating system:
Requires an Intel Mac running 10.11 El Capitan or higher or PC running Windows 7 or higher. If you are experiencing speed issues, please contact us at 310 440 9669.