Showbiz Cash Flows

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The first ever standalone Film & TV Cash Flows software!

Film & TV Cash Flows allows you to create a preliminary cash flow directly from your Movie Magic or Showbiz Budgeting budget. This revolutionary application will save hours of tedious work for producers, production managers, accountants and finance execs who have to create cash flows out of a Movie Magic Budgeting® or Showbiz Budgeting® budget.

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* Note: Product generates preliminary cash flows from a budget only. Does not generate cash flows from an accounting system.


Film & Tv Cash Flows allows you to import a budget and generate a week-by-week cash flow literally in minutes, when it once took hours or days. Prorate expenses over Prep, Shoot and Wrap periods to see exactly what your cash outlay will be for each week of your film or show. No more tinkering around endlessly with messy spreadsheet formulas… this product does it all for you. Even allows for overlapping budgets on episodic television!

Built with the input of dozens of production accountants from all types of productions, this is the product that has users saying “Wow!”

Cash Flows 123


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Requires an Intel Mac running 10.11 El Capitan or higher or PC running Windows 7 or higher. If you are experiencing speed issues, please contact us at 310 440 9669.