Showbiz Cash Flows

How To Install Showbiz Cash Flows


1.Save file to your desktop (or look in Downloads).
2. Find and double click “Film_TV_Cash Flows_XX_WIN.exe”
3. Follow the installation instructions.4. Double click new desktop shortcut to start.


1. Save file to your desktop (or look in Downloads).
2. Find and double click “Film_TV_Cash Flows_XX_MAC.dmg”
3. Follow the installation instructions.
4. Double click .app file in Applications or use Finder.
5. This product will requires activation. Please see “Registering and Activating” section below.

Backing Up Your Data

In the interests of “safe computing,” it’s always a good idea to backup your data files to protect them from random corruption or accidental deletion. We strongly recommend an external backup solution. However, simply copying your budget files to another drive after you’ve completed your latest changes should suffice.


Registering and Activating

Showbiz Cash Flows features a free trial period of 10 days. You can turn the program in Trial/Demo mode. Your data will be retained until you unlock.

To activate the application at any time, follow the 3-step instructions on the opening screen to register. Follow the link in “STEP 2 -Request Unlock” or visit the Showbiz Cash Flows Unlock Request page

Complete and submit the form.
– Your Computer ID comes from the opening screen of the program (please cut & paste it)
– Your Proof Of Purchase is contained in your Order confirmation email. You can also log into your account to find your Proof of Purchase Key at any time.

We will respond with your unique unlock code and instructions on how to use it.

Showbiz Support

To learn how to use this program, please watch our New Video Tutorials: WATCH

For further support of this or any Showbiz product, please visit: Showbiz Software Support