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Showbiz Budgeting 10

Showbiz Budgeting 10 is the most versatile production budgeting software on the market, now allowing you to collaborate in real-time via the cloud without losing desktop independence.

The only budgeting software you’ll ever need powers flexible and actualized finance for modern productions of any type and scale. From independent features to tentpoles, commercials and industrials, or live events, Showbiz Budgeting 10 allows you to easily budget, track, and report expenses.

These are 10 things you’ll love about Showbiz Budgeting 10:
  1. Cloud: In addition to a robust desktop application, an optional in-program monthly or annual cloud subscription allows you to set permissions, collaborate, and share every aspect of your budget in real-time. You call the shots by setting permissions for collaborators in detail. Budget owners can grant users view-only or editing access, and limit other users to specific functions, phases or categories, as well as printing, duplicating, and saving. Collaborators can even work on the budget when the budget owner is offline.
  2. Actualization: Not only do you have the power to plan a production budget, you can actively track costs during production. Seamlessly import payroll expenses from Media Services, CAPS, or Showbiz Timecards. Track credit, check, electronic funds transfers (EFTs), and invoice expenses. Import digital petty cash envelopes and purchase orders.
  3. Dynamic Currency Links: Working abroad has never been easier with currency links that work like magic. When enabled, detail items are linked to specific currencies, with exchange rates you can edit. And, when you do edit, those changes automatically adjust across your budget.
  4. 100+ Customizable Templates: No need to start with a blank page, built-in fully customizable templates reach the standards of the AICP, major studios, independent filmmakers, and just about any production type you can think of.
  5. Enhanced Overtime Tiers: Ask and you shall receive! Detail items now have five overtime tiers with pay multiples that can be edited individually.
  6. Robust Reporting: It’s simple to customize and export a multitude of reports as PDFs to keep your production on track and compliant. Download, share, or print a production full budget summary, accounts and details, cost reports and calendars, petty cash reports and envelopes, purchase order logs, and more.
  7. Phases: Whether your filming across state lines or in opposite hemispheres, phases allows you to break your budget and actualized budget up into distinct parts, which makes it easy to provide qualifying evidence for production incentives no matter where you are.
  8. Integrations: Making the switch is as easy as importing your Movie Magic budgets or Point Zero and Powerbid actuals and getting to work. Collaborate and track expenses with other software including Yamdu and Showbiz Timecards.
  9. Purchase Orders: Forget making purchase orders manually. As production costs are entered, Showbiz Budgeting tallies expenses against each PO and when it’s time to do business with your vendor, simply customize and hit send.
  10. Globals, Sub-Groups, and Fringes: What can become time consuming is made easy with tools that make creating and updating globals, sub-groups, and fringes a snap. Once you do make a change, the entire budget updates automatically.

For an exhaustive list and explanation of all features and improvements, visit our Showbiz Budgeting help page.

Mac: Requires an Intel, M1, or M2 Mac running MacOS 10.14 Mojave or higher (including Catalina, Big Sur, Monterey, and Ventura.)

Windows: Requires a PC running Windows 7 or higher.

*Showbiz Budgeting Cloud requires purchase of the desktop version. A monthly or annual subscription to the cloud is accessible in-program. To subscribe, launch the Showbiz Budgeting application and click the cloud icon in the tool bar.

<h5>How To Install Showbiz Budgeting</h5>
NOTE: This product offers a fully functional free trial period. It is not necessary to re-install the program once you purchase. See “Registering and Activating” below.
For additional assistance with installing this program, please watch our <a href=”https://www.mediaservices.com/resources/support-tutorials/showbiz-budgeting/”>video tutorials</a>.
  <li>Click on the “MAC DEMO” link and download the file. By default, downloaded files save to your Download folder (Users\Downloads).</li>
  <li>After downloading, the program will try and automount to your desktop and open an installer window. If it does not, look in your Downloads folder (or wherever you saved) and double-click the file, “Showbiz_Budgeting_XXX_MAC.dmg”</li>
  <li>Follow the on-screen instructions and drag the Showbiz Budgeting folder to your Applications folder.</li>
  <li>In that folder look for the “Showbiz Budgeting” application, double click to initialize the program and start.
OPTION: for easier access, drag the Showbiz Budgeting.app file to your Dock.
You can also use Launchpad (10.7 or higher) or Spotlight to find the Showbiz Budgeting.app file.</li>
  <li>This product will requires activation. Please see “Registering and Activating” section below.</li>
  <li>Click the “WIN DEMO” link to download the file.
NOTE: Saving to your desktop is the easiest way to find the file. Windows may save the file to Documents or Downloads.</li>
  <li>On your desktop (or wherever you saved), double-click “Showbiz_Budgeting_XXX_Win.exe” file and follow the on-screen installation instructions. We recommend creating a desktop shortcut.</li>
  <li>Once installed, double-click on the Showbiz Budgeting icon on your desktop to open the program.
NOTE: An alternate way to open the program is by clicking Start &gt; All Programs (or Search programs and files) &gt; Showbiz Software &gt; Showbiz Budgeting.</li>
  <li>This product will require activation. Please see “Registering and Activating” section below.</li>
<h6>FREE TRIAL</h6>
Start the application and click Trial. Your free trial should begin immediately. To purchase Showbiz Budgeting, click Buy Online. It’s quick and easy!
Everyone who has purchased Showbiz Budgeting receives a Proof Of Purchase code by email. Just ask us if you’ve lost or don’t know your number.
On the Internet tab, copy and paste your “Proof of Purchase” code and click “Submit.” In a few seconds, your software will be unlocked. (You must have a working Internet connection for this to work).
<h6>QUICK START</h6>
To start a new budget using one of the many templates supplied, choose File/New from the main menu, then select a template. (Note: If you do not see templates, navigate to Applications/Showbiz Budgeting/Templates xx). (On Windows navigate to Program Files/Showbiz Budgeting/Templates xx) It’s a good idea to immediately save your new budget with a descriptive name. Save to a folder where you would like to keep your budgets – do NOT save to the Applications or Program Files folder!
In the interests of “safe computing,” it’s always a good idea to backup your data files to protect them from random corruption or accidental deletion. We strongly recommend an external backup solution. However, simply copying your budget files to another drive after you’ve completed your latest changes should suffice.
If you are having trouble with installation of this product, please submit a <a href=”https://www.mediaservices.com/software-support-request/”>Showbiz Software Support Request</a>.