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North Carolina  

Incentive TypeGrant
Above the Line Residents25%
Above the Line Nonresidents25%
Below the Line Residents25%
Below the Line Nonresidents25%
Project CriteriaFeature: $3 million minimum eligible spend.
MOW: $1 million minimum eligible spend.
Television series: $1 million per episode
Commercials: $250,000

In order to be considered for a Grant Award under
the Program, the Production Company shall have secured at
least seventy-five percent (75%) of its funding prior to
submitting an Application.
Loanout Registration RequiredNo
Loanout WithholdingYes, 4%
Annual Funding Caps65,000,000
Project Caps7000000
Minimum Spend1Million-3Million
Sunset DateNone

North Carolina Film Office
1500 Weston Parkway, Cary, NC 27513

Guy Gaster, Director
Phone: 919 447 7800

Also Applies To:
Game Shows
Music Videos
Reality TV
Audit Requirements
NC-licensed independent certified public accountant to perform audit at cost to the production
Getting Started
Applicant must complete a 'notification of intent to film' form. Afterwards, complete the formal North Carolina Department of Commerce and Entertainment Grant Application. Both forms can be found at

This grant is not administered on a first-come, first-served basis. Priority shall be given to productions that are reasonably anticipated to maximize the benefit to the State.
Screen Credit Required
Company Registration
Sales Use Tax Relief
Hotel Occupancy Tax Relief
Local Vendors Qualify
Outside Vendors Qualify
Claiming Incentive
Grant award upon completion of the project submit required documentation to CPA for a compliance audit
Additional Information
Compensation Cap: the first $1 million for each resident and nonresident.

Project Caps: $12 million for television series per season;
$7 million for feature-length films;
$250,000 for commercials

Production companies that wish to receive grant funds will be required to register to do business in the state.

For goods with a purchase price of $25,000 or more, the amount included in qualifying expenses is the purchase price less the fair market value of the good at the time the production is completed.

There is no fee for usage of state owned property.
Last updated: 06/29/2018
Production Incentive Disclaimer
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