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Production Incentives Database

Missouri Kansas City

Incentive Type Rebate
Spend 4- 10%
Above the Line Residents 4-10%
Below the Line Residents 4-10%
Bonus Must qualify for Tier One minimum spend and one of the following is true and the benefit is fulfilled, a production receives a 9% rebate on qualified expenditures:
o 250+ KCMO room nights; or
o Film for four or more consecutive weeks in KCMO; or
o 25 Crew/Principle Cast (Greater KC area hires and at least 1/4 must reside within the 6 Council Districts);
AND fulfills the Community Benefit Requirement – Cast member(s), director, executive producer, producer, head of department “gives-back” to emerging artists or young people interested in the industry by connecting with them at a talk, panel, seminar, set visit or other opportunity.
Bonus Marketing Bonus 1 - 0.5%
-Project is set entirely in the City of Kansas City, Missouri
-Project is filmed entirely in the City of Kansas City, Missouri
-Project features or utilizes services or products from KC arts professionals
Project Criteria KCMO Film Development Program offers two rebate tiers for qualified KCMO verified expenditures. A production can benefit from only one of the incentive tiers and can qualify for one or both bonuses.
Loanout Registration Required No
Loanout Withholding No
Annual Funding Caps $75,000
Project Caps None
Minimum Spend 100,000
Sunset Date None
Getting Started
Applications must be submitted thirty business days prior for film and television projects and fifteen business days for commercial and corporate video projects, in advance of filming and must be approved before shooting commences. Every effort will be made by the City to give notice within ten business days of receipt of all the application paperworK. There is a $50 Application Fee
Screen Credit Required
Company Registration
Sales Use Tax Relief
Hotel Occupancy Tax Relief
Local Vendors Qualify
Outside Vendors Qualify
Claiming Incentive
Once the KC Film Office reviews the package contents, your Final Paperwork Package will be sent by KCFMO to the KCMO Office of Culture and Creative Services for final review and confirmation that the paperwork meets all requirements. Upon verification, the KCMO Office of Culture and Creative Services will email notice to applicant with amount of rebate verified and forward to the City Finance Department for payment within thirty days.
Additional Information
Marketing Bonus 2 (.5%)
Supply marketing materials (can include below-the-line as well), on two or more of these subjects:
a. City of Kansas City
b. Ease of doing production in Kansas City
c. Locations used on the project and what about them worked well for you
d. Capability of the Kansas City production crew hired
e. Capability of the Kansas City actors hired
f. Enjoyable amenities in Kansas City such as hotel, restaurants, nightlife, museums, etc.

first-come, first-served basis subject to fund availability

Last updated: 11/21/2016

Production Incentive Disclaimer
The encapsulated production incentive information on this page is provided for general purposes only and should not be construed as tax advice. While we do our utmost to keep all information up to date, production incentives change often. The best source for incentive details is the film office itself. For more explanation or detail about the production incentive described here, please contact our resident production incentives expert at [email protected].