Digital Onboarding from TiM (Time is Money)

Digital Onboarding with Electronic Signatures from TiM (Time is Money)

Have all your crew’s paperwork routed via email, then filled out and signed online.


Never chase down a paper start form from a crew member again. With Digital Onboarding with TiM, you kick off the signing process online, by entering as little as the crew members’ email addresses and rate info. Each crew member then receives an email notification and is prompted to create a profile to auto-fill their start paperwork online…. Including any custom forms you designate.

Standard forms available include:

  • Start / Close Form for Media Services Payroll
  • W-4
  • I-9
  • WTPA (where applicable)

With a click, they sign electronically and the packet is routed to whomever you designate to review, make any edits and sign off. You can even designate a separate I-9 signer to review identification and complete the form. It’s a smarter way to start!

Ready to get started? Existing payroll clients, just fill out the interest form below or talk to your salesperson. If you haven’t signed up for payroll with us yet, click here to inquire about getting your show set up.

Crew members: If you are interested in digital onboarding, please talk to Production or Accounting for your show. The form below is for admin use only.