Frequently Asked Questions

Workers’ Compensation


1. What is Workers’ Compensation?

Workers’ Compensation is insurance coverage for injuries or illnesses arising out of and occurring in the course of employment.

2. How do I report a workers’ compensation accident?

If an employee sustained an injury in the course and scope of employment, he/she must report the injury to a supervisor at the production company immediately. The production company should notify the Workers’ Compensation Department at Media Services immediately. A representative will assist the caller by asking a few key questions and provide instructions to the caller. Subsequent to the call, a completed accident report form will be generated for the record. After hours, production should leave a message if unable to reach a representative, follow the instruction in your packet, and complete a Media Services Accident Report form and fax it to 310-254-1785. Alternatively, an email can be sent with information about the accident to A representative from the department will follow up with you. Refer the injured worker to a medical facility when necessary.

Fill out Accident Report Form Here.

Upon receipt and review of the information, Media Services will file a claim with our claims administrator for further handling. The Workers’ Comp adjuster will review and investigate the claim and perform a fact-based analysis to determine whether the injury is covered by Workers’ Comp. The adjuster may contact the production office for additional information. If the employee requires a referral to a specialist after the initial diagnosis, authorization must be obtained from the adjuster.


3. Should I report the accident if the employee does not desire medical care?

Yes. We keep a record of all work accidents.

We would like the Accident Report form to be accompanied by a Refusal of Medical Care form. Signing a refusal does not prohibit the employee from seeking medical care later. However, if medical care is needed, the employee must contact the Media Services Workers’ Compensation Department prior to seeking care for assistance with Medical Provider Network (MPN) selection.

4. Where should I be directing the employees for medical care of work injuries?

For a serious or life-threatening injury or illness please call 911 and direct the employee to the nearest emergency center or hospital. The top priority in any serious injury is arranging medical treatment for the injured worker.

For non-emergency Workers’ Compensation claims, you may select a medical provider from the listing provided to you at the start of production. The Workers’ Compensation Department at Media Services can be reached Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (PST) at 310 440 9675 for further guidance.

For non-emergency Workers’ Compensation injuries within California jurisdiction, all treatments must be administered within the insurance company’s Medical Provider Network (MPN), unless the employee has pre-designated their personal physician prior to the injury.

5. The employee was treated for an injury and now is receiving medical bills. Will the insurance company pay those bills?

The adjuster will review the medical billing and determine if the invoice can be paid. Media Services can assist by providing the adjuster with contact information and the Workers’ Compensation claim number. Please forward all bills the employee and/or production receives to the attention of the Media Services Workers’ Compensation Department.

6. Should the production company pay for the medical treatment?

The production company should not pay for the medical treatment an injured worker receives for a valid workers’ compensation injury. Occasionally, an exception will need to be made, but these are rare.

7. Should the employee pay for his/her own medical care?

No. Although if treatment is with a non-network doctor, not authorized, for illness or injury not occurring in the course and scope of employment, or treatment is provided prior to filing a workers’ compensation claim, the employee may be responsible for the cost of the medical care.

8. Where can I get workers’ compensation paperwork after-hours?
9. What are the Workers’ Compensation benefits?

The benefit amounts are statutory, which means they are determined by state law. Because each state’s law is different, benefits vary by state. The adjuster will assist with any benefit-related questions your employee may have. Media Services can provide the claim number and the adjuster’s contact information.

10. Whom can I contact to request Certificate of Insurance for Workers’ Compensation?

A certificate evidencing workers’ compensation and employer liability coverage is provided to each of our clients. To request additional copies please call 310 471 9388.

11. Does Media Services have any special notification requirements?

Yes, you must disclose all special activities involving non domestic animals, watercraft, aircraft, stunts, pyrotechnics (explosions), foreign locations or other hazardous activities.

12. Who is covered by Media Services Worker’s Compensation?

Media Services covers U.S. hires working anywhere and foreign hires who are working in the United States and being paid by Media Services. Usually anyone being paid by Media Services is covered by Media Services (with some exceptions). Certain activities, including use of wild animals, watercraft, aircraft, stunts, pyrotechnics, foreign locations, or other hazardous activities, may require prior approval by Media Services. Please contact Risk Management at 310 440 9675 for more information.

13. Who is NOT covered by Media Services?

Media Services does not process payroll for nor provide Workers’ Compensation for foreign hires working overseas, contestants, volunteers, interns, people who are auditioning, people paid directly by the production, casting company or any vendor working with the production, people involved in hazardous activities that have not been disclosed to Media Services prior to the activity occurring.

Please contact Risk Management at 310 440 9653 for additional information. It is highly recommended Clients maintain their own “if needed” Workers’ Compensation insurance to cover employees, interns and volunteers that are not paid by Media Services or covered by Media Services workers’ compensation insurance coverage.

14. What is covered by Media Services Workers’ Compensation?

Injury to the employee must arise out of and in the course of employment. When employees are on distant location, Workers’ Compensation also applies to injuries that are incidental to employment, such as traveling or obtaining food and lodging. However, purely personal undertakings, such as visiting a museum during off-time, would not be considered incidental to employment. The Workers’ Compensation Claim Adjuster will perform a fact-based analysis to determine whether an injury is covered by Workers’ Compensation.

15. What is NOT covered?

Coverage does not apply to injuries arising from intoxication by alcohol or a controlled substance, a self-inflicted injury; an altercation in which the injured worker is the initial physical aggressor, the commission of a felony (for which the injured worker is convicted); voluntary participation in an off-duty recreational, social or athletic activity that is not part of the employee’s work-related duties, and injuries that occur while an employee is involved in purely personal undertakings, such as visiting a museum during off-time. Injuries that are reported subsequent to termination or layoff are not covered.

Workers’ compensation is not a substitute for health insurance. All claims submitted are thoroughly investigated by the claims administrator and meet a burden of proof.

16. Which state’s workers’ comp benefits apply to my production?

State laws determine the benefits offered. After a claim is filed, the adjuster will contact the injured worker to determine the benefit jurisdiction. Please contact Risk Management at 310 440 9675 for additional information.

17. Does Media Services provide foreign Workers’ Compensation coverage?

Yes, Media Services provides foreign coverage. Please call 310 440 9653 with at least 10 days’ prior notice of employees traveling outside of the United States.

Generally speaking, we provide Workers’ Compensation coverage for anyone we process payroll for, except foreign hires working in foreign countries.

18. Who is responsible for OSHA requirements?

The production company is responsible for compliance with OSHA regulations and providing a safe work environment for the employees to work.

19. Who is responsible for posting OSHA logs?

The production company is responsible for keeping and maintaining the OSHA log. Please visit . You may also contact your local OSHA office for guidance.