Payroll Clients

Taxes & Fringes
1. What are employer fringe rates?

FICA is 7.65% of Gross.  FUI is 0.8% of Gross.  SUI depends on the work state. Workers’ Comp depends on resident state. Handling Fee is negotiated between sales and production. Pension contributions depend on the local, union, or guild.

2. Which states have the best tax incentives?

You can look up all the current state production incentives with our upcoming production incentives database. You can also consult our production incentives experts and find out how you can take advantage of incentives and save. Please send an email to


3. Can we obtain copies of your tax documents for employees paid by your payroll company?

We do not under any circumstance provide copies of our tax returns.  We can, however, provide other reports that may assist, such as summary earnings reports, ad hoc reports and W-2 extracts.

4. What is the OASDI fringe or payroll deduction?

OASDI stands for Old Age, Survivor and Disability Insurance, also known as Social Security.

5. What are the Federal ID numbers for your payroll companies?

Download Federal ID numbers. To download Click Here.

6. What type of paperwork is required for non-resident aliens?

It depends on the type of employee (individual, corporation, etc). The link to the IRS Website for Non-Resident Alien Forms is Here. The paperwork should be filled out on a case-by-case basis depending of the status of the employee.

7. Do you issue tax documents to Corporations or Limited Liability Company's? If not, why not?

We do not issue W-2 Forms for Corporations or Limited Liability Company’s. Tax Reporting for Corporations and Limited Liability Company’s are their own responsibility. We can provide them with a Detailed Payroll Journal or Summary Earnings Report upon request.

8. Who should I speak to about contributions to a particular Union or Guild?

Please call the Pensions Department at 310 440 9671 regarding contributions to Union Locals and Guilds.